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Colorado Bankruptcy Procedures
  1. Call me, (303) 627-4669, to set up an appointment convenient for you. If this is a joint filing with you and your spouse, both of you should come in.

  2. Click on location for directions to my office.

  3. When we meet, I will ask you questions regarding your financial situation and listen to your answers. If you are qualified for either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, I will go over the Questionnaire provided to you to obtain specific information from you in order to fill out the Bankruptcy schedules. All debts and all assets must be disclosed on the schedules.

  4. We will then set up a return appointment to go over the Questionnaire and discuss the timing of the filing of your case. Once the fees are paid, I will file your Bankruptcy case electronically.

    After your information has been entered into the computer, I will review the results and make a determination as to whether you qualify for Chapter 7, or whether you will have to file a Chapter 13 case over 5 years.

  5. You will need to review the Bankruptcy petition including schedules for correctness and completeness, and sign the papers. I will then file your case and receive the Judge and Trustee assignments, as well as the time and date of your First Meeting of Creditors (341 Meeting) which you are required to attend.

  6. I will send you a First Meeting of Creditors Notice letter containing instructions and information, including what to bring with you and a list of most of the questions you could be asked by the Trustee, so there will be no surprises.

  7. The First Meeting of Creditors is usually held 4 to 6 weeks after the date of filing and is held at the U.S. Custom House, 721 19th Street, Denver, CO 80202-2508 (for Denver area filers).

  8. The court usually grants the discharge and the time fixed for filing a motion to dismiss the case for abuse (60 days following the first date set for the 341 meeting). Typically, the discharge occurs about four months after the date the debtor files the petition with the clerk of the bankruptcy court.



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